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Our Mission

NexTv is a new kind of company, born out of a new era in the entertainment industry. Utilizing resources from New Media and Established Hollywood, the following is our mission:

  • To find the best content (and talent) from around the web, then repackage it for mainstream television and feature films.
  • To connect cutting-edge writers, filmmakers and content-generators with the entertainment industry's most relevant decision-makers.
  • To leverage our massive online community of content-creators, as well as our relationships with high-level industry professionals, to address the great opportunities that 21st century technology has provided for the entertainment industry.

We are truly in the GOLDEN AGE of the independent artist. PEOPLE IN THE SYSTEM REVERE THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN ABLE TO CREATE CONTENT OUTSIDE OF IT. “New Media” is still the great unknown being explored by both established institutions and artists, independent of corporate ties and interests. “New” talent is being mined for its connection with a new generation of consumers, rather than stigmatized, as in the past, for having not yet figured out a way in. The obstacles are still in place for those trying to break in, but the tools for doing so are exponentially more accessible.

In short, YOU are at the very center of today’s entertainment industry.

You are a content-generator, and…


So, instead of feeling undervalued for the work that you do, realize that as long as you continue to generate ideas, write relevant material and/or produce your work, you are one of the pioneers of this exciting new era and THERE IS A LIVING FOR YOU TO BE MADE IN THIS INDUSTRY. The trick, of course, is creating the path to your goals, rather than waiting for one to appear.

At NexTv Entertainment, we don’t just want to be the vehicle that helps artists GET IN THE DOOR, we want to help artists create the building that the door is connected to.

We are building a network of companies from across the globe who are dedicated to bridging the gap between new media’s great unknown and Hollywood’s established machine.


  2. Talent Representation – with access to the very best new talent, freshest content and most relevant industry decision-makers, we see an exciting marketplace before us both online and in Hollywood, virtual and beyond.
  3. A patented new online distribution technology/platform that will service major studios and independent filmmakers alike. Get on board before its launch in early 2010. For more info contact Randy Becker.
  4. Online filmmaker advocacy Website – FACEBOOK meets COSTCO meets YOUTUBE for filmmakers and industry pros looking to bring an idea from script to screen.
  5. Micro-Budgeted Production Services Division – All-in production services for a few hundred bucks…You bring the idea, we bring state-of-the-art equipment and seasoned operators.

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