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2010 Online Application

To submit an application, please fill out the below form and submit your file or link.
You must then arrange for payment on the next page.

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Note: Drama includes everything that is not comedy (Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, etc... If you are unsure of your category, pick one and we will move it to the appropriate category, if necessary.)
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LOGLINE (A sentence or two that describes your story, script, etc…)
In a few sentences, please describe the TELEVISION SERIES that this could inspire. EX: This could become a 1 hour dramatic series about a family that runs a funeral home. Best for cable as the language and subject-matter is challenging.

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You will make arrangements for payment on the next page of the application.
Early Deadline: Dec 23 Regular Deadline: Jan 27 Late Deadline: March 11Final Deadline: April 14
Under 10 Pages - $25Under 10 Pages - $30 Under 10 Pages - $40 Under 10 Pages - $45
10 - 80 Pages - $3510 - 80 Pages - $4010 - 80 Pages - $45 10 - 80 Pages - $50
Over 80 Pages - $40Over 80 Pages - $45Over 80 Pages - $50Over 80 Pages - $60

How Will You Be Submitting?

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I have read all of the NexTv Writers Competition rules and regulations. I understand and have complied with these rules. To the best of my knowledge, all of the statements herein are true and correct. I understand failure to adhere to NexTv Writing and Pitch Competition rules and regulations will result in disqualification. As the owner of submitted material, I fully attest that the following is true and correct:
  1. I have read, understand and agree fully to the official rules of the competition and hereby request that you read, evaluate and judge said material, of which I have exclusive rights and authority to submit the same upon the terms and conditions stated here within.
  2. If I am not the sole owner of submitted material, I attest that I have attained permission from ALL other owners to submit this to the NexTv Writing and Pitch Competition.
  3. Furthermore, I indemnify NexTv Entertainment, its affiliates, sponsors and judges of and from any and all claims, loss or liability that may be asserted against you or incurred by you or any associates, at any time in connection with said material.
  4. I understand that NexTv Entertainment will not use the material or any part of it, except in connection with the Competition unless you: (1) enter into an agreement with me granting rights to the material, or (2) determine in good faith that I do not own or control the material because features or elements were independently developed by someone other than me; are in the public domain or; are not novel or new.
  5. I have retained at least two copies of said material, and I hereby release you of and from any and all liability for loss of, or damage to, the copy of said material submitted to you hereunder.
  6. If more than (1) one party signs this agreement as submittor, then reference to "I" or "me" throughout this agreement shall apply to each party; jointly and severally.

  I have read and accept the rules of the NexTv Writing and Pitch Competition.

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