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Jorge Rivera - Rhyme Animal

The Television Series it could Inspire

A Brooklyn DJ rides the coattails of an up-andcoming rapper, until the rapper's homicidal pastime threatens to destroy them both.


Backed by beats from DJ JUDAH, rising hip hop star SHIVA dominates the NYC freestyle scene, driving his nemesis (fading diva HEAVEN) into a competitive fury.

Judah and Shiva’s celebrity begins to rise and coincidentally so does the body count of the dangerous and ambitious characters that stand in the way of their success.

The murders raise the suspicions of the local authorities and of one cop in particular, Detective Allan Brenner. Brenner is a quick witted, yet low brow cop with a childhood axe to grind against Judah and Shiva, and is desperate to pin the murders on them.

As more killings occur, a menacing climax with Heaven nears, and the diabolical truth is slowly revealed to Judah. Are Shiva’s homicidal


RHYME ANIMAL is a one hour, weekly, scripted-drama in the grand tradition of the Sopranos, the Wire, TruBlood, Dexter. The same way these shows convey different meanings and arguments over subjects relevant to the human condition -- such as the definition of family, the disintegration of the American city, bigotry and the dark side of the human psyche -- so will RHYME ANIMAL offer immediate entertainment value wrapped in subtext and theme that will resonate with audiences on many subtle levels.

RHYME ANIMAL is a deliciously sinister ride told through the perspective our hero, Judah, who is inextricably tied to the maniacal plan of a madman: the brilliant rapper Shiva.

As Judah slowly discovers the truth about his best friend and ticket to stardom (the enigmatic Shiva) the world is laid at his feet, forcing him to face the fulfillment of his dream at the cost of his soul.

It is a character study focusing on the mechanics of greed and on western culture’s obsession with material success depicting a man’s compulsion towards fame and the dark choices he is forced to make getting there.


RHYME ANIMAL takes place in New York City…in its clubs, police precincts, and back alleys. Stories easily bounce off street corners and into the luxury suites of high powered lawyers, drug dealers, and entertainment moguls.

It's a world driven by ambition, greed, and betrayal. A world riddled with sex, violence, and megalomania. A world fueled by the pulsating beat of hip hop. And, amongst all that...we let loose a serial killer.

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