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Zeus Quijano Jr. - Point Of Entry

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The Television Series it could Inspire

Point of Entry is a 7-part mini-series that will focus on distinctive stories of courage, heartache and triumph that encompasses the Diaspora to America.


POINT OF ENTRY follows the path of immigrants (legal and illegal) already living in the United States. The objective of each episode is to provide a look into the unique experience of immigrants from all over the world. Many risked their lives and left family behind to travel to the United States in hopes of attaining the American Dream.


Carlos’ Story (Mexico):

At 15 years old, Carlos crossed the border, leaving his family. At 30, he continues to help his family back home in Mexico as well as his wife and kids here in America. Today, Carlos struggles with a stagnant economy and a family in Mexico that still hopes that he will someday return to them.


Kamal’s Story (Iraq):

Kamal has survived one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. He was an Iraqi translator for the US Military. Many of his friends have been tortured and killed for their service with the Americans. Today, Kamal and his family live in America with hopes of a better future; however, the memories from Iraq will never leave him.

Lynn’s Story (Vietnam):

Following the aftermath of the Vietnam War, Lynn and her parents were forced into an internment camp for their political sympathies for the Americans. After escaping the camp, Lynn and the rest of her family immigrated to America hoping to find a new home.

Other Countries Represented in Possible Future Episodes includes:

  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Philippines
  • North Korea

For a country built on immigration, we have come a long way to forget the past. Our country is defined by our diversity, our spirit of hope, and our work ethic. People from all walks of life have come to America to find a better life and many have succeeded and many have not; however, in America, they have opportunities and a fighting chance to better themselves. This series will profile the courageous efforts of some of America’s new documented and undocumented citizens who now call America home.

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