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Omer Zigdon - Banisko

The Television Series it could Inspire


The year is 2084, earth is on the verge of extinction - global warming, plagues and crime dominate the world. AFCA - a former governmental organization - forms a secret colony outside the planet. They leave a special unit on earth - the Banisko unit, to locate the finest surviving minds and draw their memories, which will be used to serve the new generation of humankind.

The human brain consists of two parts - the ancient brain, containing generations of primal instincts; and the intellectual brain, containing the experience accumulated during a lifetime. As a result of the Banisko unit memory drawing, the world has reached a state in which most of humankind no longer relies on the intellectual brain, and is only focused on pure survival. Adam is one of the few remaining intellectual human beings, recruited by the Banisko unit to be a memory drawer. He is convinced the project he takes part in is the right way to save humankind; but gradually becomes aware of the existence of an underground group fighting AFCA’s ideology, trying to save the world in a different way: restoring the brains of as many people as possible and settling them in new colonies. Adam, who resists them first, comes to the understanding the group’s way is the right and moral one to save humanity. He becomes a double agent assisting the underground unit, which leads to a massive struggle during which it is discovered AFCA’s intentions all along were to destroy the modern world completely, leaving only a new ADAM and EAVE on the planet.

In resemblance to other series such as “LOST” and “BABILON 5”, as the series advances further revelations are uncovered regarding the forces struggling over the future of the planet and humankind. The series deals with humankind’s need to define right and wrong, the eternal question whether there good can exist without bad and gives a new perspective of the complexity of the human brain.

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