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Ty Clancey - The Lost Nomads: Get Lost!

The Television Series it could Inspire

An irreverent and eclectic blend of live studio performance, on-location sketch comedy, man-on-the-street interviews, viral video reenactment, hidden camera reality, and humorous collaborations with special celeb & musical guests. ADD comedy for the ADD generation.

"Get Lost with The Lost Nomads "



From "Kids in the Hall" to "The Chappelle Show" to "Saturday Night Live," sketch comedy has been a distinct flavor in the palette of American Television. In carrying that tradition, "Get Lost w/ The Lost Nomads" would be a half hour weekly show that would utilize the myriad talents of a group of "Next Gen" performers that grew up with the internet and subsequently, the whims of a culture presented with millions of entertainment outlets.

Every week among a live studio audience The Lost Nomads guide us through their twisted caricature of all things media. On-location sketch comedy would pervade throughout hilarious Nomad-on-the-street interviews, familiar viral videos re-imagined, hidden cameras capturing reoccurring characters pestering the public and special Nomad celebrity guests who want to join in the fun.

Among the programming options would be:


GiGi - An immigrant intent on becoming American by immersing himself in odd jobs that require him to confront his inner Yankee.

Survivalist - A man constantly trapped in fight or flight situations that always have an easy way out, who chooses to make his situation far more dire than it needs to be.

Miss Piggy - Follow America's favorite Muppet as she attempts to stage a comeback despite her filthy ways.

Jose Sanchez - Latino Workout Guru and extraordinarily inept sex machine, who teaches fitness by way of incompetence.


Sketches involving a specific comedic point of view that stems from a faux-pas, an observation, or an awkward set-up event, i.e. - Kevin's sketch, Playgirl, Adopt-a series, Pinball.


Sketches stemming from current events, social issues, pop-cultural references, and the world of politics, i.e. - SNL News Desk, The Onion, The Ali G show, etc.


Featured songs or actual sketches set to rudimentary animation.


Short comedic interviews or interactions with everyone from John Q. Public to local prominent figures. These interviews or interactions would serve not only to provide a comedic outlook on the individual in question or their particular profession (I.e. The Daily Show, Dirty Jobs) but would be used as segues into scripted sketches based on the information and stories provided.


Taking popular viral web based videos and not just reenacting them, but creating new sketches around them by providing additional comedic content.


In the vein of Ali G and Jackass, we follow reoccurring sketch characters thrown into real world situations to illicit hilarious reactions from the public. For example, Jose Sanchez might replace a spin class instructor; or Gigi would man a tourist information booth.


Using famous Nomad fans such as Fred Willard, Topher Grace and Zach Quinto, or Broadway stars Megan Hiltay and Mitch Jarvis, the Nomads would develop, create, and star in original sketches a la the SNL Digital Shorts. In other weeks, a musical guest would stop by to perform with the Nomads in comedic interpretations of their hit songs.

Despite the many attempts and efforts of the past few years, no sketch comedy show since Dave Chappelle's has truly challenged, consistently engaged, or surprised it's audience with the kind of biting, satirical, inspired comedy that Chappelle and those before him were capable of. Utilizing their firm grasp of the mediums of their generation, the Lost Nomads hope to bring about the next revolution in TV sketch comedy, one that engages viewers on the platforms they have come to know, love and laugh with.

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