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The NexTv Writing & Pitch Competition

Where Hollywood's Decision-Makers search for Tomorrow's Great Writers


With Cable TV flourishing, the top writers of all disciplines are being attracted to television from Academy Award-Winning feature Screenwriters to Tony Award-winning Playwrites, journalists to novelists and more…
Networks, studios and production companies are recognizing now, more than ever that….
Great writing is great writing; great ideas are great ideas.


 Or…DO YOU HAVE A GREAT IDEA FOR A TV SHOW? (see Rules for guidelines)
SUBMIT for the chance to win CASH and Great Prizes, but most of all EXPOSURE to the most relevant players in today's entertainment industry.…

Experience the industry the way “Million-Dollar Writers” do:

  1. Get your work in front of the very top industry leaders
    • THE WEINSTEIN COMPANY'S Director of Development
    • ICM
    • UTA
    • FOX
    • MGM
    • The YARI FILM GROUP (and other financing companies)
    • TOM FONTANA (and other TV Exec Producers)
    • Presidents of Academy Award-Winning Production Companies, producers, directors, execs, and more...
  2. Get flown out to LA, then put up in a 5-STAR hotel with MONEY TO SPEND. 
  3. Get driven around from meeting to meeting.
  4. Have “One-on-One”s with some of the most successful producers/directors/writers in the business (Tom Fontana, James Hart, Russ Woody,…).
  5. Have your material workshopped by professional actors.
  6. Win the ULTIMATE WRITERS WORKSPACE sponsored by Herman Miller (the pioneer in ergonomic comfort and functionality)…and much more


We have created this cycle of competitions to search the web (and the world) for the most cutting-edge ‘content-creators’ and connect them with the most relevant professionals in the entertainment industry.  We want to give you an opportunity to experience the industry like those who have already had success in it, do, while giving established Hollywood institutions the chance to see just how exciting the landscape of self-motivated, passionate artists is.

These competitions connect fresh artists with established industry folks, but do so within a context that is truly meaningful to today’s marketplace.

Instead of remaining in a ‘festival’ vacuum, the concepts behind the competitions, as well as the people involved are ripped right out of today’s film and tv business.

So, in our competitions a screenplay, for example, is judged not just on its merits as a screenplay, but also as a possible writing sample or its potential for being re-imagined for television.
Produced Shorts, Docs and Web Series are evaluated as real executives would evaluate them…for their potential to become mainstream TV or feature content. 
A television executive who is looking for TOMORROW’S BREAK-OUT SHOW, doesn’t care what the source material begins as, he or she wants to know WHAT IT CAN BECOME.
An agent searching for TOMORROW’S NEXT GREAT TALENT, doesn’t care whether you have created a short, a doc, a web series or a feature…he or she wants to know whether your creation is viable in the marketplace.

"There are three types of people in the entertainment industry: Money, Talent and the people that connect the two.
As ‘connectors’, we have created this cycle of competitions to bring TALENT to MONEY, ARTISTS to BUSINESS DECISION-MAKERS, CONTENT to BUYERS.

NexTv is proud to count among its sponsors

Herman Miller

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